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How it Works


When wearing a tie, place the Anchors at the point of each side of the collar. This gives your collar a very natural lay around the knot, unlike other stays.


The most unique aspect of the fashion anchor is its ability to prop your collar up in a way no other collar stays can. Looks great when wearing a blazer.


Do your polo shirt collars seem to have a mind of their own? Use the Fashion Anchor to prevent them from flopping out of place and curling at the edges.


You want an open collar – without looking like John Travolta? Use the Fashion Anchor as a hidden button to achieve the amount of freedom you desire.

The Store

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36 Pack Bundle 


Save when you buy 4 of our 36 Packs of Fashion Anchors! Each bundle contains a total of 144 1/2” discs of our Patented double-sided adhesive formula.



36 Pack


Drop anchor with our new Jack-of-all-trades menswear accessory. Contains 36 1/2” circles of our Patented double-sided adhesive formula.


12 Pack


Drop anchor with our new Jack-of-all-trades menswear accessory. Contains 12 1/2” circles of our patented double-sided adhesive formula.


36 Pack Box 


One 20 count box of 36 Packs for the ultimate Fashion Anchor customer. This is a 33% savings off of our regular 36 Pack price! 


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Are Fashion Anchors reusable?

Yes & No…. Once removed, the fashion anchor will not be nearly as effective as the original application. However, if you leave the fashion anchors on your shirt it will work as many times as you need it to until you physically remove it.

Do Fashion Anchors leave a sticky residue on my shirts?

No, the fashion anchor will not leave any mess behind on any of your garments. It was created with cleanliness in mind.
Out of nearly 3500 customers we have not had a single customer email or call in a complaint
due to an item of clothing that had been ruined.

Can Fashion Anchors go in the washing machine?

When put in the washing machine the fashion anchors will either come off completely and drain through the same holes
in your washing machine that the water drains through, or it will stay very loosely attached to your garment
and can be easily removed before putting your clothes into the dryer.

Are Fashion Anchors safe for dry cleaning?

Like any other collar stay, we strongly advise that you remove it before dry-cleaning your shirt. Since the Anchor itself
is a hot melt adhesive, it can damage your clothing if it is exposed to too much direct heat.

How long will a 36 pack of Fashion Anchors last me?

This depends on how you handle them, they can last up to 5-6 uses if placed on your shirt once and not messed around with.
Once applied to the item however, they are not necessarily transferable to another. They will be stretched out and wont sit flat
on your next shirt, which is key to them working as effectively as possible.

Will Fashion Anchors ruin my clothing?

No it won’t……………..

“Seriously…why has it taken so long for someone to come up with this idea?!”

~ Jamie Hendon

About Us

Created in the Fall of 2012, The Fashion Anchor delivers a useful and innovative alternative to the plastic, metal and magnetic collar stays found in today’s department stores. Our founder, Jon Yeazel believes that this is hands down the best way to maintain the look of your collar and that the anchors really get down to the core functionality of what guys want out of their collar stays which is making their collars stand up, and stay down all at the same time.

We hope that the quality and usefulness of our product will speak for itself while we try to carve out a niche of loyal customers and continue to educate new consumers on this simple, yet eeffective method to keep your collars under control. Encouraged by the gratitude of our customers and powered by the influence of word of mouth sales, our product has now been sold in over 40 countries worldwide and we are now looking to make a push to get into a retail store near you.

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